An Overview of Rice Processing: How Is Rice Milled

People all over the world depend on a steady supply of rice. It’s an important product for so many, but have you ever thought…how is rice milled? We produce the highest quality rice in Arkansas, and we know our rice. Here is an overview of how rice is processed.

Rice Processing: The Equipment Needed

There are different types of equipment used in the milling process. Some of the most common types of equipment used include:

A Paddy Cleaner

A paddy cleaner separates large and fine materials. It’s also used to get rid of any debris that should not play a role in the rice milling process.


A destoner can remove impurities, such as rocks, from the grains. This is a heavy-duty device that can stand up to tremendous amounts of wear and tear.

A Paddy Husker

A paddy husker removes husks from the grains and makes it easier for us to separate the grains of rice.

A Rotary Sifter

A rotary sifter will sift milled rice, dividing it into multiple categories. There are tips, bran, head rice, large broken, and numerous other types of rice. Depending on the type of rice we need, we can use this device to help separate rice accordingly.

These are just a few examples of equipment we use in the milling process.

The Steps Involved: How Is Rice Milled?

  1. We clean the rice to get rid of any foreign materials before we get started. This is important for maximizing the efficiency of the process.
  2. We remove the husk to make it easier to mill the rice. The husk is about a fifth of the paddy weight, so removing it makes the process much easier.
  3. Then, we separate the unhusked paddy rice from the brown rice. A paddy separator looks for differences in weight and specific gravity.
  4. Next, we polish the rice by removing the bran layer from the grains.
  5. Finally, we separate the rice into different groups, such as head rice and broken rice.

We Do Rice, Right

At Arkansas River Rice, we are a minority-owned business with world-class customer service. We use state-of-the-art equipment, follow all of the best practices in our field, and have multiple packaging solutions. We are also on the path to getting organic certified, so you know you are getting all-natural, fresh rice when you place an order with us.

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