An Overview of Rice Production in Rice Mills

Rice is one of the most popular grains in the world, and it’s produced through a process called rice milling. This process involves transforming raw, harvested rice into edible, consumable grain for people to enjoy. Let’s take a look at how rice production works. 

The Process of Rice Milling

Rice milling involves several steps that are necessary to turn raw grain into usable, edible food. The first step is cleaning and sorting the rice, which removes any debris or dirt from the grain itself. After this step has been completed, the hulling process can begin.


Hulling removes the outer husk from each kernel of grain to reveal the inner seed. Depending on what kind of grain you are working with, this can be done by hand or by machine.


The next step is polishing, which removes any remaining hulls from each kernel and gives it a glossy, white appearance. This is usually done with a polishing machine that uses friction and heat to remove the remaining hulls quickly and efficiently.


Grading separates different sizes of kernels so they can be used for different purposes such as cooking or making flour. This is done by running the kernels through sieves that have different sized holes in them so only certain-sized kernels will pass through each sieve.

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