Different Ways to Cook Rice

Rice is a pantry staple for people all across the country, and there’s a good reason why: rice can be used in so many different ways. From side dishes to main courses to desserts, rice has hundreds of uses. We’re going to take you through some of our favorite rice dishes. For more information about types of rice and what they’re used in, read our Types of Arkansas Rice post.  

Side Dishes


If you’re looking for something nice and refreshing, make a rice salad. Cowboy Caviar is bright and zesty and can be enjoyed on its own or with some tortilla chips. If you’re looking for something more Mediterranean, try this brown rice salad. 


Risotto is a creamy Italian rice dish that is the perfect complement to any main dish — especially chicken and grilled meats. This Mushroom Risotto is creamy, savory, and filling. It’s the ultimate side dish! 

Main Dishes


Making sushi sounds intimidating, but it’s easier than you think. With good sticky rice, nori, and your filling of choice, you can make the perfect roll. Check out this easy California Roll recipe from Tasty.


Nothing beats a hot soup on a cold winter day. Adding rice to your soup makes it more rich, filling, and enjoyable! Save this recipe for a rainy day — especially if you get sick this winter. 

Grain/Protein Bowls

Make meal prep easy by making grain bowls. All you need is rice, protein, vegetables, and a sauce to toss it in. Brown rice is a great main ingredient in protein bowls! 


Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is comforting, simple, and warming. After all, how can you go wrong with milk, sugar, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon? Make a steaming bowl of rice pudding on a cold night, and you won’t regret it. You can top it with nuts, raisins, dried fruits, etc.

Sticky Rice with Mango

This traditional South Asian dish is sweet and creamy and only requires a few ingredients. It’s been a popular dessert for centuries, and there’s a reason why! Try this next time you get a sweet tooth.


Try something different by making this sweet traditional Mexican drink that is made of soaked rice and spices. This refreshing beverage can be enjoyed after a meal or as just a treat (we all know there will be some hot days this winter).

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