Rice-Based Recipes: A Culinary Journey with Arkansas River Rice

Rice is not just a staple; it's a canvas upon which countless delicious creations come to life. Arkansas River Rice, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability, offers a versatile range of rice varieties that make these recipes truly shine. Join us on a culinary journey as we explore classic rice dishes and innovative creations that showcase the versatility of Arkansas River Rice.

Rice and Chicken Soup

There's something profoundly comforting about a bowl of chicken soup, especially when it's paired with perfectly cooked Arkansas River Rice. Our long-grain white rice brings a light, fluffy texture to this timeless favorite, making it a go-to for cold winter nights or when you're feeling under the weather. Season with herbs and vegetables for that classic, nourishing flavor.

Coconut and Vegetable Curry

Looking for a plant-based meal with a burst of flavor? Try our Coconut and Vegetable Curry with aromatic rice. The  rice absorbs the rich, creamy coconut sauce, while a medley of vegetables adds color and nutrients. It's a delightful, vegan-friendly dish that's both delicious and nutritious.

Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

Elevate your dinner table with Arkansas River Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers. This recipe combines the hearty goodness of our medium-grain brown rice with the sweet and savory flavors of bell peppers, ground meat (or meat substitute), and aromatic spices. It's a balanced and satisfying meal that's as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.


Transport your taste buds to the South with a mouthwatering Jambalaya made with rice. The aromatic and fragrant grains of rice perfectly complement the spicy, smoky flavors of this classic Creole dish. It's a true taste of Louisiana right in your own kitchen.

Rice Pudding

End your meal on a sweet note with a classic Arkansas River Rice Pudding. Our short-grain rice creates a rich, creamy texture that's essential for this timeless dessert. Sweetened with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon, this rice pudding is a heartwarming treat for all occasions.

These recipes demonstrate the endless possibilities that Arkansas River Rice brings to your kitchen. From comforting classics to inventive dishes, our commitment to quality and sustainability shines through in every grain.